About Jason

Whether in an executive boardroom, as a former captain of the Michigan State University (MSU) football team, or broadcasting MSU football games to millions of listeners, Jason Strayhorn credits his success to his public education.

Jason was raised in a family whose top priorities were faith and education. Jason’s father, a Senior Pastor, instilled in him that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. That is why he wants to be on the Michigan State Board of Education (SBE)—to give back to his community and his state. Jason knows that a quality education will be with children for the rest of their lives. It is the bedrock of a child’s future success and also how society will measure that child.

"Jason was raised in a family whose top priorities were faith and education."

Jason travels throughout Michigan for his career in real estate development and management and throughout the country for broadcasting, allowing him the privilege to interact with families of every socio-economic and cultural background. He sees firsthand the disparity in school district resources and how that impacts a child’s future. He wants to be on the SBE to ensure every child in Michigan has the necessary tools for a solid education. Jason strongly believes the educational success of our children is integral to the future success of our great State.

This is not Jason Strayhorn’s first encounter with public education. Multiple members of his family are public school educators in Michigan and Indiana, giving him a first-hand insight into the successes and challenges within public education. Jason values relationships and has the skillset to listen and help people hear each other and work together. These challenging times are going to require everyone to hear each other to create solutions that keep everyone safe while not sacrificing any child’s educational progress.

As a real estate broker, Jason specializes in new construction as well as the redevelopment and property management of multi-family, mixed use, single family, bank and tax foreclosed assets. He has also worked with local partners at MSHDA and HUD to place over 800 Section 8 tenants into highly qualified residences.

Jason, his wife and three children reside in Novi and are active members with both Brightmoor Christian Church and Oakpointe Church. They participate in youth outreach and mentor programs and have served as Board members for their children’s youth sports. 

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